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Meet Eva and Dan Adoption

Our Story

A little about us

We're looking to adopt! After struggling with infertility, our journey has moved on to adoption. We've been considering adoption for a long time and we're excited to move forward into this new chapter! We think that we'll make great parents! 


In 2016 we got married and bought a house that we love a lot. We've got a large family and a great network of supportive friends. Vacations and travelling are usually an annual occurrence for us. Games (board games and video games), movies, outdoors, and sports are regulars. There will be a lot of love, laughter, and support given to any little ones that we're fortunate enough to add to our mix!

If you're looking at our site and considering adoption for a child, please feel free to use the contact information on the bottom of the page to get in touch with us or Adoption Minnesota. We thank you for your consideration and send you our love on your journey!

Snapshot in Pictures


We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us directly, or through some great people and counselors at Adoption MN.

Adoption MN

CALL: 612-333-0593

TEXT: 612-616-4564

Eva and Dan

Text or call Eva: (612) 284-1925


Alternatively you can fill out the form below to message us through this website.

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